Dr. Santhosh KUMAR S.V.
Dr Santhosh Kumar SV, BHMS, MHSC, MD is the head of Homoeopathic Centre, who is a great menter maintained in their hospitality. He has an experience as about 25 years with a high capability of treatment.
How to get Appoinment?
You can get appoinments of Dr. Santhosh in Trivandrum and Abudhabi
Trivandrum Clinic :
25th to 5th of Every Month
Abudhabi Clinic :
6th to 24th of Every Month
You can take appointment by just calling on the concerned Clinics.
Welcome to Dr. Santhosh's LifeCare Homoeopathy

Embark on an empowering healing journey with Dr. Santhosh's LifeCare Homoeopathy, you will experience healing in a positive, patient focused atmosphere. Utilizing the principles of Homoeopathy and Homeopathic medicines,you will begin to experience profound changes in the your health at all levels; mind, body and spirit. Dr. Santhosh's LifeCare Homoeopathy is one of the leading Homoeopathic clinics in Trivandrum with around 25 years of clinical experience. Our clinic runs in the heart of Trivandrum city.Kerala, India.

Our clinic has specialized in diagnosis and cure of all diseases like Infertility, Diabetes, Skin Disorders, Hair Loss, Kidney and Heart Diseases, Oligospermia, Female Diseases, Psoriasis and Arthritis, Asthma, Sexual Problem, Mental Disorders, Paediatric Diseases and more. Our well experienced team of doctors are comitted in dealing the patients with utmost care in classical, constitutional and authentic way. We had been in this field for more than 20 years and thousands of patients are beniffited with our treatment. Our team of doctors are the best team in the Homoeopathic field where cure is possible even for incurable cases.

Monday to Saturday :
8 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 8 PM
Sundays :
8 AM to 1 PM


Our Leading Light
Dr. P. Sekharan (1936-2002)

"Oh what joy I knew in a father so gentle and kind he filled my world and never did I see him ever being unkind"